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Elbow & Claudio in Measure for Measure (2019)

"Trevor Barrette alternates between punchy physical comedy as Elbow and pained grief as Claudio, charming the audience as both." - Andrew Sawyer, July 18, 2019, Montreal Theatre Hub

"Six of the ten [actors] double in amusing minor roles, particularly Mr Barrette as Constable Elbow, a bumbling official in the spirit of Dogberry from Much Ado About Nothing [...]" - Byron Toben, Westmount Mag

Craig in The History of Sexuality (2017 & 2018)

"[...] Barrette’s Craig is sweet and loveable and the relationship between Craig and Martin helps to demystify some aspects of kink." - Samantha Gold, August 11, 2018, Forget the Box

"The prime acting from the ensemble [...] proceeds to honour the core commitment to authentic storytelling." - Camila Fitzgibbon, August 11, 2018, Montreal Theatre Hub

Brad in Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show (2015)

"Trevor Barrette and Kendall Savage were wonderful in the initially prudish roles of Brad and Janet, and their trajectory toward a fishnet and corset filled finale was hilarious to watch." - Jamie Borenstein-Laurie, November 9, 2015, Bandersnatch

Flute in A Midsummer Night's Dream (2013)

“Trevor Barrette wins his share of the laughs as the actor Flute, who must play the suicidal Thisby.” - Pat Donnelly, July 12, 2013, Montreal Gazette

"Barrette is especially hysterical as a falsetto Flute." – Victoria Laberge, July 27, 2013, Bloody Underrated

Steven in Innocence Lost: The Steven Truscott Story (2013)

“[Joan Wiecha and Trevor Barrette's] performances are pitch-perfect, capturing the naive spirit of 1950s teenagers.” - Pat Donnelly, February 1st, 2013, Montreal Gazette

“There is genuine substance in Trevor Barrette’s performance as Steven Truscott as he moves from sunny innocence to bewilderment to fear as the net closes about him.” – Jamie Portman, March 6, 2013, Capitol Critics’ Circle

“[…] Trevor Barrette presents a moving picture of self-conscious and confused adolescence.” Connie Meng, March 4, 2013, North Country Public Radio

“Much of the pain is derived from Trevor Barrette’s extraordinary performance as the guileless Steven." - Alan Hustak, February 1st. 2013, Metropolitain

"...Trevor Barrette’s very believable and wholly sympathetic performance makes one gladder than ever that [Steven Truscott's] case at least led to the abolition of capital punishment." - Robert Cushman, March 9, 2013, National Post

Media Room - Theatre Maker

Captain Aurora: A Superhero Musical (2016 remount, 2015)

Captain Aurora: A Superhero Musical hits exactly the right chord as this highly professional and fully fleshed out musical comedy sings and dances its way into the Fringe history hall of fame.” – Marilla Steuter-Miller, June 14, 2015, CJLO

“[…] a toe-tappingly bold superhero musical that has won audiences and plaudits [..]” – Sarah Deshaies, January 7, 2016, CultMTL

“[Captain Aurora: A Superhero Musical] has plenty of catchy musical numbers and likeable comic-type characters which put together resulted in an entertaining intergalactic night at the theatre.” – Stuart Nulman, January 16, 2016, Montreal Times

“[…] a great example of an original script and score that plays with pop culture in a fresh way. At 75 minutes, it's just the right amount of fun and fancy.” - Marilla Steuter-Martin, January 17, 2016, BroadwayWorld Montreal

Captain Aurora II: A Superhero Musical Sequel (2016)

“[…] Trevor Barrette’s playful and witty script and songs offer much to enjoy, with the 15 cast members all getting their chance to shine.” – Jim Burke, June 11, 2016, Montreal Gazette

“Probably one of the hottest shows of this year’s fest is Captain Aurora II: A Superhero Musical Sequel is a lively intergalactic musical romp that could be in the same league as a DC or Marvel comic book / graphic novel / movie.” – Stuart Nulman, June 17, 2016, Montreal Times

“The composition and arrangement was wonderful. There were clear musical themes associated with different characters which carried over from Captain Aurora. [..] It made the universe we were in that much more immersive. – Erica Bridgeman, June 17, 2016, CJLO

“[…] a brilliant adaptation of an old school style comic book into a piece of musical theatre. It doesn’t lose anything in the change of mediums, but it gains everything." – Erica Bridgeman, June 17, 2016, CJLO

A Song of Fiction

“The powerhouse quartet of actors form a true ensemble and each equally contributes in fully extracting and expressing the desires and vices of their individual characters.” – Camila Fitzgibbons, September 15, 2016, Montreal Theatre Hub

“[…] a genuine, heartfelt love letter to the art form. […] A compelling feat in storytelling, it speaks openly of the struggles of any creative process and brings to the forefront themes of the human search for identity, meaning, and connection.” – Camila Fitzgibbons, September 15, 2016, Montreal Theatre Hub

To Be

“Que peut-on demander de plus? Une histoire émouvante, des artistes talentueux et des airs magnifiquement composées qui vous garantisse un retour chez vous tout en chansons!” – Etienne Dutil, April 26, 2012, Fugues

“What's also cool about it is that young anglo Montrealers are creating original, locally produced work at a professional level.” – Neil Boyce, April 26, 2012, Mirror Magazine

“Pari gagné, To Be est une oeuvre avec des mélodies intéressantes et complexes, une histoire captivante et pleine d’émotion.” – Daniel Ouimet, January 22, 2014,

“La première mention d’honneur pour la comédie musicale To Be pour une oeuvre originale d’un jeune auteur Montréalais entouré d’une bonne distribution et surtout par l’interprétation touchante de l’acteur principal Sean Colby.” – Daniel Ouimet, January 12, 2015,

Memento Mori: A Support Group for the Dead

“[…] a touching and thought-provoking piece delivered with impeccable skill and subtlety. With this intimate and immersive new work, Barrette proves himself innovative and versatile as a playwright and director.” – Violette Kay, June 2, 2017, Montreal Theatre Hub

“Good actors, good text, well-rounded show. Not to be missed.” – Luc Archambault, June 9, 2017, Westmount Mag

“[…] an engaging display of honesty and vulnerability that suggests that our experiences are not quite as unique as we think they are, and perhaps by sharing them we can come together over our shared plight and hopefully feel less alone.” – Violette Kay, June 2, 2017, Montreal Theatre Hub


2018 BroadwayWorld Montreal Award for Best Performance by a Male in a Featured Role for Craig in The History of Sexuality (Nominee)

2017 META for Outstanding Ensemble for The Halloween Tree (Recipient)

2017 BroadwayWorld Montreal Award for Best Fringe Festival Production for Memento Mori (Nominee)

2017 BroadwayWorld Montreal Award for Best Fringe Festival Production for Captain Aurora II: A Superhero Musical Sequel (Recipient)

2015 Frankie Award for Best English Production for Captain Aurora: A Superhero Musical (Nominee)

2015 Frankie Award for Most Promising Local English Company for KaleidoscopeMTL (Recipient)

2015 Robert Gillis Award for Best Direction for OND (Recipient)

2015 Drama Centre Award for Best Ensemble for OND (Recipient)

2013 Curtains' Up Montreal Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Award for KaleidoscopeMTL (Nominee)

2013 META for Outstanding Ensemble for Innocence Lost (Recipient)

2013 META for Outstanding Ensemble for A Midsummer Night's Dream (Nominee)

2011 Pamela Montgomery Award (Recipient)

2008 Carla Napier Scholarship (Recipient)